Beyond Saving Lives

“Is empowerment only confined to autonomy and control? … When empowerment leads to agency building and ownership, this transformation has the power to impact communities, societies and even the nation at large.”

Preeti Iyer, our Deputy Director of Programs delves deeper into the idea of empowerment and how ARMMAN’s Arogya Sakhi program is paving the way to transformation through its health entrepreneurs as well as the women they serve in their communities.


ARMMAN’s Vision for Kilkari and Mobile Academy

The first six months of partnering with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to implement Kilkari and Mobile Academy in 13 states of India have been an immense learning experience. The next two and half years promise to be even more insightful and rewarding. Here’s a sneak peek into our plans for these programs.

Not Just Fun & Games: Father’s Role in Child Care

As part of a recent project with CRISIL, Shyamsundar Mochemadkar and Prafull Rangari designed unique activities to disseminate crucial information and encourage the involvement of fathers in child rearing. They share their experience of designing and facilitating the activities for young couples and parents. The father has an important role in the growth and development […]

Breastfeeding Should Be A Movement, Not Just A Campaign

ARMMAN celebrates World Breastfeeding Week across municipal hospitals in Mumbai with various activities involving pregnant women and lactating mothers. But the aim is to keep the spotlight on breastfeeding throughout the year and start a movement which sensitises, educates and empowers mothers from all backgrounds.

Every mother should be aware about mMitra; no mother and child should suffer due to lack of information

Megha Rahilya, 23, mother of a three-month-old baby boy From: Valmiki Basti, New Delhi Monthly household income: ₹8,000 Enrolled in mMitra during: 7th month of pregnancy The taboo around not disclosing pregnancy at an early stage prevented Megha to enrol for the mMitra voice call services despite being confident about its benefits. “An ASHA didi (elder sister) […]