My Personal Experience as a trainer!

Nivedita blog 1
Nivedita (Project Officer, Armman) is training Arogya Sakhis to conduct pregnancy related tests at Solapur.

-by Nivedita Patil ( Program Officer, Armman)

(Nivedita, Armman’s Project Officer, visits various rural areas to conduct training programs for the Arogya Sakhis under the mMitra/DFID project. This blog narrates her early experience as a trainer).

Armman’s training session for Arogya Sakhis to conduct diagnostic tests was a huge learning experience for me. Since I come from a non-medical background, I had worked very hard and prepared myself thoroughly to conduct the diagnostic tests. Initially, a lot of questions came to my mind -What will be the Arogya Sakhis response when I am training them? Will they accept me or not? Will they understand what I teach them?

On the first day, I was in a confused state of mind, with low confidence and some prejudices about the Arogya Sakhis, but the day’s experience pushed my levels of confidence remarkably high and made me less anxious. I found myself feeling a kind of passion that most of the Arogya Sakhis talked about and exhibited. They held the potential to change their world and showed enthusiasm that was infectious.

Nivedita blog 2
An enthusiastic Arogya Sakhi

My journey with the Arogya Sakhi is ongoing and the experiences are hard to forget. I’ve realized that this is a learning process for them and for me. Each Arogya Sakhi has an inspiring story to narrate, which they readily share with the rest. They inspire one another to face life’s challenges and this process inspires me to give my best.

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