Working for Armman is an experience of a lifetime!

By Pradnya Kedare ( Project Officer, Armman)

This learning experience started from the very first day of joining ARMMAN, as an entrant, I was completely enthralled by the nature of work this organization undertook. Becoming a part of the mMitra urban project at Sion hospital was a dream come true opportunity. I never imagined to eventually land-up in the field of work that I had secretly admired and dreamed of being a part for a long time.

Soon after finishing college, I got into practicing physical therapy, but I always knew that it wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Instead, my true passion and interests lay in public health. One day, my friend who was associated with ARMMAN told me about a job opening with them. I was immediately interested and applied for it and got through. It felt like coming back home after spending an eternity in the world of medicine.

After joining this organization I was mainly involved with the new project -mMitra Urban Poor Program at Sion Hospital.  This project mainly targets to enroll 5000 pregnant women attending the OPD at Sion Hospital to receive mMitra services. Developing tools, creating forms and information brochures, planning launch events, enrolling of pregnant women into our services, are few of the exciting points of my job. However, the best experience among all was training the health worker-Poonam.  I was training her to be the person who enrolls pregnant women into the mMitra service at Sion hospital. Explaining the entire project, teaching her the enrollment procedures, helping her to communicate with the women, carrying out dummy enrollments at our ARMMAN office where we (the staff) volunteered to pose as pregnant women were some of the most cherish able moments.

Now comes the best part, the experience that I had when we actually started the process of enrollment at Sion hospital.  In the beginning, we were unsure about the type of response we might get. We didn’t know if these women would actually understand the importance of this service (which was provided to them free of cost). Contrary to our assumptions, the response was overwhelming. These women were not only interested in mMitra services but also wanted the voice calls to start immediately. Women who weren’t even eligible for this service were so impressed that they too requested us to provide them with mMitra services. This is what  gives me a continuous sense of achievement, deep inside I know that we are making a difference in someone’s life and most importantly it’s  the life of a mother and her child.

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