Exciting partnerships and more!!!

These days ARMMAN is a hot bed of activities. We have strategy, communication, technology and all other kinds of meets these days. We are designing posters, leaflets, brochures and manuals.  Now you all must be wondering what’s all this about! Well! All that shall be revealed in good time!

All of you, who have been following our blogs, know that mMitra is visualised to be a loyal friend (mitra means a friend in Hindi and Marathi) and companion that will gently guide the young mother and the family through pregnancy and childhood by providing regular, timed and targeted information.

ARMMAN is trying to make the voice calls accessible to as many pregnant women as possible. We are forming partnerships with Hospital and NGOs to increase our reach and are working hard to get maximum partners on board.

In Armman we have Madhavi as the Channel lead for NGOs. She has a vast experience of the field and has been instrumental in getting a number of NGOs on board for the mMitra program. It’s not been an easy journey. The NGO partners have been very particular about the content, the training of Arogya Sakhis, the message delivery system etc. ARMMAN appreciates this attitude of the partners as it ensures that we are on the same page and want the best quality of service for our target population.

ARMMAN has been able to cover most of Mumbai, Mumbai suburbs and all of Thane with its partnerships with the NGOs to roll out the mMitra program. The response from the NGOs has been heartening. The concept of mMitra appeals to most organizations and they like the innovative idea of using voice calls to reach out to a large population. It further strengthens the kind of work they do in the community with pregnant women and mothers. One of the NGO personnel commented that,” it is a good service which will lessen the burden of our field staff”. mMitra voice calls will further ensure consistency of information and will reach out to working women as well. The flexibility offered by mMitra to receive calls at a time suitable to the women, increases the accessibility of the service. The NGOs are of the view that the service is apt for the Mumbai slum situations where they do not have enough staff to reach out to all those who are in need of their services.

The mMitra program has received a lot of visibility in the past few months. Many organizations have agreed to join us and are in the process of reviewing content and short listing women in the community who will be the arogya sakhis. We at ARMMAN are very excited with recent developments and are looking forward to joining hands and working in collaboration with these organizations.

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