A new life, a new breath!!!

Written by Disha Shrivastava

Of all the joys that lighten suffering earth, what joy is welcomed like a new born child?  – Dorothy Nolte

So true!! The small, tiny, unopened eyes of a new born hold dreams beyond horizon, thoughts ahead of boundaries and sight as far as it could go. Imagine the joy this tiny being brings into his or her parents life. Parents, while holding the baby in their hands can feel their own life in their child.

images (1)To bring this joy into parent’s life, Armman’s effort through DFID (Department For International Development) project successfully made a safe delivery in Kakramba village of Osmanabad district in early June.

With a female population of 2023 out of a total of 4359, this one amazing success story of safe delivery is surely a commendable task from the entire DFID-ARMMAN team. When the whole of Mumbai was waiting for the rains our team was sweating it out in the heat of this village to check the execution and implementation of this project.

The mother was delivered voice messages right from the day she registered with us. Explaining  and educating  throughout her semesters , month on month, week on week basis about how her baby is growing and developing, what all changes she will see in herself, how she should take care of herself in terms of nutrition, medications, vaccination if any, what more to expect in the days of progressing pregnancy.

The expression on the mother’s face when she held her baby for the first time was priceless and our team that went to Kakramba to see this beautiful outcome  told us that the mother was exceptionally overwhelmed by the help and support she received all along her pregnancy. She also said, “Today I hold my healthy child in my arms and it is all because of the Arogya Sakhi”.

Yes!!! We brought a healthy child into this world, and we are feeling ecstatic.

This woman has now graduated from being pregnant to a healthy mother and receives paediatric messages. These messages guide the new mother about the post natal care for herself and also about the health, nutrition and vaccination of her infant.

Arogya Sakhi  works as a friend to would be parents, holding and guiding through every phase and clearing all doubts, supporting in critical times and encouraging always.



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