Hello @ ARMMAN

Written by Dibyayan Datta


Hurray! The mMitra Call Center is in its nascent stage and shall be setting up base soon… the mMitra ‘call center’ is the nucleus of the program. The Call center is in place to cater to the needs of the pregnant women of the communities and ‘first time’ mothers.

The call center comprises of two lady counselors whose primary responsibility is to call the pregnant women and first time mothers when the women give a missed call in order to provide guidance about their pregnancy and help them achieve safe-motherhood. The women are provided a number where they will give a missed call. The counselor will then call them back on the number and cater to their queries. The women will call on the number for five specific reasons- if they have delivered,  in case they want to change the time slot in which they receive the voice calls regarding their pregnancy, if they want to change their registered phone number, if they underwent an abortion or in the eventuality of a miscarriage. There is also a provision to give a missed call for any pregnancy related questions they may have and the counselors will try their best to answer them.

Apart from that, the Call center also boasts of a Quality Assurance & Control Team (QA/QC) who will overall monitor the entire process of calling, especially monitoring the calls that have gone from the server to the pregnant women.  Based on the information, the QA/QC team delivers the call logs data to the lady counselors who in return will make calls on the missed call numbers.

Quality team will also engage in ‘Call-Listening Sessions’ in order to ensure smooth functioning of the Call center as per protocols.The routine work of the Quality Team involves providing daily or weekly reports stating how many calls have been gone through, how many calls are answered/not answered, and how many calls have the counselors made on the missed calls, if calls are not made then reasons for the same etc. The QA/QC team has prepared the reporting formats for them after carefully studying the formats of organizations working in a similar  space.

The QA/QC team is also responsible for data management, data analysis and making data easily available for internal studies and funding partners, donors and also for general audiences. Apart from that, appropriate use of available technology, dissemination of knowledge, making a database and documenting the best practices of the field is another area of work of the Quality Assurance Team.

Generation of various kinds of reports and data as per the need of the organization is another important area of work for the Quality Team.


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