My experience at ARMMAN!!

Written by Mahesh Rajguru

Almost three months have passed since I have started working for ARMMAN on the mMITRA Urban Poor Program as the Channel Lead for hospitals and the ICDS vertical and these three months have been quite a journey which has added to my learning to a great extent.

Having the experience of working in the NGO sector for the past 13 years, I have worked closely with a variety of stakeholders, but the experience of the past three months has given diverse me exposure and has also given me the opportunity to work closely with one of the largest municipal corporations of India.

Before I joined ARMMAN, I was aware that working on this program will enrich me with the new experience of working with the system and help me grow in my career. And it proved to be correct. I can now do my best to reach out to the needy and underprivileged sections of the society and be a catalyst in providing women information on preventive care and attempt to aid them in avoiding complications during pregnancy and delivery.

Though I have been working on community health for a long period and have engaged with different communities all over Mumbai, this is the first program which has given me the opportunity to engage with system and understand it’s functioning closely.

I have been engaging with the government functionaries in close quarters and this has given me a view as to how decisions, which will influence a huge section of underprivileged people, are taken. The program is scrutinized thoroughly by the decision makers as it is bound to have a huge impact. The process almost feels tedious, but it is a necessity before taking a decision about a program with a large outreach. But in the end, when the advantages and positive effects of your program are recognized and you are given the green signal, the long wait pales in comparison to the sense of achievement one experiences.

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