My reflection on mMitra!!

Written by Abhiram Mehandale Being a dental surgeon and a public health professional I have always seen the health system in two ways, one which is curative and the other which works on clinical aspects with an emphasis on diagnosis and treatment. The objective of this aspect is to reduce disease prevalence. The curative method […]

My experience at ARMMAN!!

Written by Aafrin Ansari The stepping stone of my career began with ARMMAN, an NGO, where I joined as Project Officer on the DFID mMitra Arogya sakhi Homebased care project. The purpose of this project was reducing maternal and infant morbidity as well as mortality by creating health awareness among rural women through various health […]

mMitra Launch!!

Written by Geetanjali Jha Chakroborty Pregnancy for Indian women from low income households, while a joyful experience, often leads to devastating experiences given the lack of basic information that would-be mothers require. A woman dies in child birth every eight minutes in India. More than 300,000 infants in India died on the day of their […]