My father-in-law insists on noting down all the important things said during the mMitra call

Komal Meghwal, 25, mother of a three-month-old baby boy
From: Valmiki Basti, New Delhi
Monthly household income: ₹6,000
Enrolled in mMitra during: 8th month of pregnancy

Komal’s father-in-law is a busy man these days. Besides taking care of his three-month-old grandson, he is also keeping a close tab on his daughter-in-law’s daily routine—what is she eating, how much rest is she taking during the day, the baby’s vaccination schedule among other things. “I have never felt so pampered,” chuckles Komal.

However, this wasn’t the case from the beginning. “I live in a joint family with a lot of inhibitions. We had set guidelines for everything we did. However, mMitra changed everything for us,” asserts the 25-year-old.

When Komal conceived, an ASHA worker introduced her to the mMitra voice call services. Her family did not allow her to enrol in the programme because ‘it was too early’ to reveal about her pregnancy. “However, I went ahead and registered myself in the eighth month as it became difficult to contain my anxieties. I am glad I took this step. The information provided by the calls helped me have a healthy delivery,” she says.

Today, Komal’s baby is a healthy three-month-old and the entire family has now finally realised the benefits that the mMitra calls have brought to the mother and the baby. “My husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law do not let me miss any call. My father-in-law insists that I note down all the important things. My mother-in-law has shed certain beliefs which were contrary to what the mMitra calls said,” informs Komal.

The first-time mother feels that programmes like mMitra should be an integral part of the society. “The doctors in the government hospitals do not have enough time to counsel each and every patient and that’s when mMitra can help,” she adds.


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