They get the right answers to their questions at the right time.

“One day when I was with a beneficiary at the ART centre, I listened to her mMitra HIV voice call. It was at that point that I understood the importance of this programme, much better than ever before. When I meet them, I give them all information about NVP (Nevirapine), CPT (Co-trimaxazole Preventive Therapy) and DBS (Dried Blood Spot Testing) all at once. But I cannot give them all the information at the same time, they may not remember everything I say. But your call gives them a little bit of information on every call, three times a week, at regular intervals and at the right time when they need the information, so that helps them. When I ask the ANC and PNC women about how they feel about these calls, they say they are very happy with the messages, they feel the information they receive from calls are mentioned in simple and easy to understand, in a crisp manner, about their nutrition, medicines, tests, physical relationships as well as the development of the fetus. I know that they get the right answers to their questions from the call because earlier they used to ask me a lot of questions when I met them, but now they get enough information from HIV voice calls and they hardly have any questions for me. And most women follow the information according to the messages. I’m really happy to be a part of this programme. I feel like I have now found a new purpose in life. I wish to help this service reach maximum HIV pregnant women and mothers, without considering how much I earn out of this work because this has now become my passion”, says one of our Sakhis, working in the mMitra HIV programme. Sakhis (Outreach workers) play such a pivotal role in motivating these young mothers to become a part of mMitra HIV.

For every mother enrolled in this programme, we intend to save one child from the burden of HIV. mMitra HIV envisions reducing vertical transmission of HIV from mother to child, by empowering the mothers with the right preventive care information through automated voice calls 3 times a week, by reaching out through automated call reminders before every scheduled hospital visit and by following up with them and motivating them to be compliant to their ART regime and handholding them from the antenatal period until the child turns 18 months of age.

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