My father-in-law insists on noting down all the important things said during the mMitra call

Komal Meghwal, 25, mother of a three-month-old baby boy From: Valmiki Basti, New Delhi Monthly household income: ₹6,000 Enrolled in mMitra during: 8th month of pregnancy Komal’s father-in-law is a busy man these days. Besides taking care of his three-month-old grandson, he is also keeping a close tab on his daughter-in-law’s daily routine—what is she […]

Touching 6,10,587 women’s lives! Our impact extends to over 1.2 million lives (mothers and their children).

mMitra is a free mobile voice call service that provides culturally appropriate comprehensive information on preventive care and simple interventions to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in urban and rural India. The voice calls are in the local dialect, specific to the woman’s gestational age or the age of the infant and are sent weekly/twice a week directly to pregnant women and mothers with infants in their chosen language and timeslot.

A Day to Remember in….Mumbai

By Aleka A. Kroitzsh (Aleka studies at the American School of Bombay and came to ARMMAN while researching for her project on Maternal and Child Mortality)   I can say with certainty that one of my happiest, most contented moments I’ve spent out of the last eight years I’ve lived in Mumbai has been sitting […]

Real life stories from change makers who decided to turn their lives around

We packed our bags for our long work vacation to visit our beneficiaries and Arogya Sakhis in Solapur and  Osmanabad. We were looking forward to meet the beneficiaries as we were curious to measure the progress ourselves. We came back with rich experiences from our trained health entrepreneurs and impact makers (Arogya Sakhis) who inspired […]